About Us

Cotton Loops is a black and white fashion lifestyle brand. We are designers and curators of black and white style.

Fall in love with our wide range of of edgy ready to wear pieces in white, black or a mix of both. All our high quality clothing pieces are designed, produced and proudly handmade with love in Nigeria from where they are carefully shipped to locations around the world.

Our clothes are perfectly finished, seams almost non-existent and very easy to wear while remaining the most stylish items you will have in your closet.

Our unique monochrome scheme is one of the best things about our brand – never has black, white or a mix of both been so stylishly presented.

Why Cotton Loops

Our classic yet edgy designs are very easy to wear as well as versatile. A lot of our pieces are easily styled into day or night wear and can be styled up or down and can be worn anywhere.


To be the global leader in black and white fashion lifestyle products.


To ethically provide the most stylish black and white fashion lifestyle products globally.